Why You Would Love iOS 8 : Problems Solved!

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The latest operating system from Apple has brought its lovers all things they have been wished of. Yet, Apple is still unsatisfied, for it still does more research to release brand new products each year (the good news has come under the name of Apple Watch, in 2015). You do not have to be iPhone 6 user to use this OS, because as Apple confirmed, at least iPhone 4S and iPad 2 can still update to iOS 8.
Yet, there were still many bugs when it was released, one example is iCloud Drive bug that might diminish your iWork document. But here are those things that Apple has come into such solution.
Have you ever forgotten your own PIN or password? Because having so many accounts has put you in such burden, it happens that you forget your password so very easily. Moreover, many websites require you to make certain PIN or passwords so that sometimes you need to make the new one. With iOS 8, fingerprint scanner is used to give you access to all sorts of applications. Furthermore, Apple is also preparing Apple Pay, in which will make you easier to shop and pay online. The world will be on your fingertip. You do not have to worry in forgetting password anymore, because Apple has made it convenient to you.

Now, if you are just dying in making group chat with voice and video, this iOS 8 is surely made for you. The new featurehas made it better in adding and removing people from conversation and set aside any disturbance by a group-specific Do Not Disturb toggle. The iMessages also enables you to share your location. Feeling want to share with your friends now?

You can even save more money with iOS 8 with iOS 8 Family Sharing. This enables you to purchase music or book with only one credit card. The file, then, can be shared to maximum six people of your family. You will not be charged expensively on your credit card only because your kids are trying to buy something. Besides, you can also have parental power on selecting what’s good and what’s not with this. With Family Sharing, when one of the members lose their phone, you can search it with Find My Friends and Find My iPhone.

Are you concerned about your health? While we are waiting for the launch of Apple Watch, iOS 8 has brought along with it a fitness device which can replace your personal doctor too. You can control your blood sugar, heart rate, cholesterol, and so on.

We all know how valuable Siri for iPhone is. Now Siri would be a better listener because of streaming voice recognition. The lines and words on the screen will exactly match with your voice. Isn’t that adding more fun to your phone?
And the last one, we all know how great the camera of iPhone is. With iOS 8, it adds time-lapse mode. It helps you making motions easily. So, you could be more creative in capturing objects and having them into a motion.

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