What New From Minecraft 1.8

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Minecraft is a classic game (Mini game) which is very popular currently, although the display is a bit old-fashioned, but if you play this game surely you’ll be addicted. Minecraft is an indie game created by Markus Persson. This game uses Java as its platform and was inspired by the other games, such as Roller Coaster Tycoon and so on.

How to play Minecraft?
To play Minecraft you have to arrange the blocks and build something on your mind. In this game later there will be some broken parts, so you have to be able to flatten the damaged parts or repair them or even you can also build something as you want. At night, the monsters come out and you must save your town and you yourself by building a house to protect yourself before the monster destroy it. There are many things you in this game.

Minecraft 1.8
The recent 1.8 update for Minecraft has been riddled with bugs and various other issues. Those bugs though will not be staying around long.  A pre-release version 1.8.1 will bring in fixes to a number of issues and improve overall stability.
Users however shouldn’t expect the patch to iron out all of the problems but with time and more updates, the game will begin to feel better once again.
Minecraft 1.8 has released on September 2, 2014. Many of the changes are “under the hood”, they affect the way the game is programmed, and make it easier for people to make resource packs and downloadable maps.

The next thing to know is that the new world features that described below will be available in your existing world, but only in areas that you have not previously visited.

Ocean Monuments
Ocean monuments are mysterious structures that are found in Deep Ocean biomes. They are dangerous places to explore and you will need to prepare yourself before visiting one!

New Mobs
It’s something exciting when new creatures come to share the Minecraft world with you!

Rabbits are a new type of mob which can be tamed as a pet. The taming process is almost like with Ocelots, except that instead of fish you need to use Carrots.

Endermites are new mobs which sometimes appear when an Enderman teleports or when you throw an Ender Pearl. Endermites will attack you on sight and if you kill them you don’t get anything good. Well, it’s not always exciting when new creatures come to share the Minecraft world with you.

Banners are like flags which you can hand on the wall or plant in the ground. There are millions of possible designs of them.

Crafting Changes
Doors, Fence Gates and Fences now can be made in different colors by using different types of wood.

Coarse Dirt
Coarse Dirt is a special kind of dirt that won’t turn on the grass. You can find this dirt in certain biomes. By using a hoe on Coarse Dirt will turn it into normal Dirt.

Armor Stands
Armor Stands are a new craftable item which lets you show off your armor.

Sponges are blocks that can be found in Ocean Monuments. If you place a Sponge block it will absorb any water next to it, up to a 5x5x5 volume. This will convert the Sponge into a Wet Sponge, which cannot absorb any more water. You can dry a Wet Sponge using a Furnace.

New Foods
The years-long nightmare of not being able to eat sheep is finally over. Sheep now drop Mutton when killed and of course you should cook it before eating it.
Rabbits also drop meat, which can be cooked, but then you can go a step further and turn that meat into Rabbit Stew.

Villager Trading
There are big changes to the way you can trade with villagers.
Villagers’ professions now appear on their trade screens (Cleric, Leathersmith, Armorer, Toolsmith, Fisherman, Fletcher etc).
They now buy and sell a wider variety of things, more of which are useful.
Priests will buy rotten meat. This must be your reward for protecting them from zombies.

There is still many more changes and improvement and new updated features. Don’t wait too long to play it, just download it if you feel curious about Minecraft 1.8.

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