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With the approaching release of Android L, Google also started to seriously run the update process from the various applications of with the latest display named “Material Design”. Google has released the newest version of Google Play Store; it is Google Play Store 5.0.31. Of course, it has been waited by Android fans in all over the world. So, what things are new from the updated version of Google Play Store 5.0.31?
New Design
In this version, Google shows a new design that looks fresher and more stylish. And the most obvious change here is the color palette. Drawing from Google's new Material Design palette, each section has new colors that are brighter, clearer and more unified into the design, with re-colored buttons and accents, and a colored toolbar that extends down to the re-styled category tabs.

What’s New moves to the top
Now the What’s New section has been moved to the top and is visibly highlighted green and while it's still cut after 4 lines on the main app screen for installed apps, once you click on it, you would not have to scroll  all the way down, which made no sense in the previous 4.9 update.

Brand New Icon
The Play Store icon has been revised. It has new look that resembles the flat design style found in many of Google's newer iconography, and fits in well with the Material guidelines. A User Interface Engineer at Google posted a history of the Play Store icon’s evolution, starting at the very beginning when it was still called the Android Market. In addition, the logo is gray now with icons look slightly larger.

New Icon for Widget Suggestion
The Widget Suggestion icons for the home screen even have changed, maintaining the flat, paper like design, as was expected. Apparently, Google went to the extent of changing the notification icon for the status bar as well, after all, it is this attention to detail that ultimately counts.

New Notification Icon
Last but not least, there is a new icon for the update notifications.
That's all we have got for now about the newest update of Google Play Store. If you want to see the new look of Google Play Store 5.0, then you do not need to do anything because Google Play Store automatically available on your gadget will update automatically within the next few days.

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