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Are you one of the Android lovers? If so, you should be the first person to know about this good news. Google has released the newest android version from Android Kitkat to Android OS which is called as Android 5.0 L. This has been announced in the Google I/O conference in San Francisco and it is said that Google plans to release its newest mobile operating system this autumn.
Google has claimed that Android L will work faster than its previous version. Meanwhile, in the Volta project will be focused on the endurance of the battery by providing “Battery Saver” feature and you know that battery is one thing which has been rumors for a long time on Android operating system development. Many people and Android lovers try to guess what L is in Android L, whether Lollipop, Lemonade, Lemon Pie or Landroid, only Google knows about it.
So, what is the new design and features look like?

New Design
New design of Android L will be different and more dynamic from its previous version, Android Kitkat 4.4.

The changes on navigation buttons
The display of the navigation buttons is the main part of Android smartphone and in this version there will be many changes.
The changes on Gmail design
Apparently, the appearance of Google Apps itself will get changes, such as on Gmail. Gmail new design and display will look cleaner and more modern by adding more attractive colors.

Support CPU 64-bit
Google claimed that Android L will support CPU 64-bit processor. Google also has said that Android applications will run two times faster on ART, the new Android 64-bit run-time environment for application execution.

Battery life
As described above, Google has concentrated on improving battery life in android L with Project Volta. It will have “Battery Saver” mode to make the battery life longer than Android 4.4. This feature will activate automatically when your battery drops below a certain percentage. Google says a Nexus 5 running Android L can get around 90 minutes of extra use over the course of a typical day.

Android Auto feature
One more new thing from Android L is Android Auto. You may take the advantages of GPS navigation on your car dashboard to make your journey easier and more enjoyable. With this feature you would be able to answer a phone call or reply a message directly on your car.

Multi Window
Some rumors say that one of the biggest appears to be a multi-window mode, which would let you open several apps at once.

The notification in Android L would be more interactive on the lock screen menu. There’s a feature named “heads-up”, it is a pop up which can be responded or ignored. Then, a new locking system called personal unlocking is also provided.
There will be more surprises, new features and new technology we can see and use in Android
5.0 L. So guys, get ready to get Android L operating system on your smartphone and enjoy the newest technology to explore the world.

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