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Many gamers decide to buy a game by considering its graphic as an important point. How the developer creates a game to be an interesting presentation which can attract the gamers who see it to taste is a secret of successful. That’s why graphic takes an important role here since the impression about graphic is the first thing the gamers will see from a game, not gameplay or other aspects.
 The progress of games, particularly mobile games, is very quick. The support of a great hardware makes some developers to create a graphic that is better than console quality.
The following is some games in iOS with bright graphic quality and has huge gameplay, some of them even close to perfect.
Aspalt 8 Airborne
Gameloft is well-known as a mobile developer which has games with AAA quality. They have proved it with various games released in the market, including Aspalt. Aspalt is a famous game and it is among top 100 Grossing Apps. In the 8th serial, Gameloft  comes with racing game victory with a sensational improved graphic. Here, you can see rain effect and water that is more realistic, fire effect when you start the game, more fantastic nitro effect and so on. It means if you race in Aspalt 8 it will be more fun and challenging. So, don’t miss it if you don’t want to lose an interesting experience.

Modern Combat 5
If there is someone asking “What is the best FPS game in iOS?” Surely I will answer, “For now, Modern Combat 5: Blackout”. Why? because, from the first time Modern Combat has always given experience of playing game outstandingly until now. Gameloft also gives an update for Modern Combat 5 to support the Metal technology which makes the gameplay more realistic. For example, the smoke effect looks clearer, more clouds in some scene and reflection effect from water that I close to the real one.
For those who has already got this game, you must download the updated version and for those who haven’t got one, don’t wait, download it immediately, play it and feel the adventure in this best FPS game.

Monument Valley
A good graphic is not for 3D format only. 2D game with a serious making process can be an unforgettable game with best graphic. The simple and clean design gives us a strong ambient impression in Monument Valley. The color combination is so interesting. To do the journey from each level in this game will make you silent for a while just for enjoy what has seen on the screen. Monument Valley has A solid puzzle and smart design level.

Vivid Games which is well known as 3D game maker like Real Boxing, has devoted all their abilities in Godfire™. In this game, not only the graphic that is amazing, but the setting of the camera that is always changes make it more interesting. Moreover, when you see the giant boss, you will get a great impression.
Godfire™ is more suitable for the newest Apple gadget; hence you can feel all the sensation.

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