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Do consumers want a tablet that may double as a laptop? Microsoft believes so, which is why it's selling just such a hybrid for another time with the Surface Pro 3. The brand new 2-in-1 device sports a larger and sharper 12-inch touch screen and a more lap-friendly hinge, and Microsoft believes the tablet may best such notebooks as the 13-inch MacBook Air with regards to functionality and versatility. Starting at $799, which doesn't range from the keyboard, is the Surface Pro 3 the best post-PC device?
 Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Microsoft deserves credit to make the Surface Pro 3 thinner as well as lighter than its predecessor, especially because the screen grew from 10.6 in order to 12 inches. As with the prior two generations, the Surface Pro 3 has a premium feel and look. It has the same magnesium-alloy style with beveled edges; a small gap runs the circumference from the tablet to vent hot air.

Microsoft keeps refining the hinge about the back of the Surface. Where the 2nd generation could be adjusted to just two angles (24 degrees and forty degrees), the Pro 3 can be tilted dating back to 150 degrees, so that you can more comfortably write about the screen using a stylus. A new hinge design enables you to angle the Pro 3 as the thing is fit, but feels very sturdy.

In a single notable design change from the Pro 2 towards the Pro 3, the Windows button offers moved. On the Pro 2, it had been on the bottom long edge from the bezel; on the Pro 3, it's about the shorter side, indicating that Microsoft believes users will frequently hold this tablet in portrait setting. This makes sense, given that the Pro 3 supports pen input.

Like the Pro 2, the Pro 3 has two plug-in, one USB 3.0 and 1 mini Display Port. This time, they're both about the right side of the tablet, and also a proprietary power port. A power button rests about the left of the top edge, and volume controls are across the left side, also towards the best. The Surface Pro 3 weighs 1.76 pounds alone, and 2.4 pounds with the kind Cover attached. However, the Surface Pro 3 is in regards to a half pound lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air and comparable weight as the 11-inch MacBook Air.

Although the Surface Pro 3 has a stylus, there's no place to dock it about the tablet itself. You need to purchase the Kind Cover for an additional $130 if you do not want to risk losing the stylus within the bottom of your bag. This is really a step down from the Surface Professional 2; although its method of utilizing a magnet to attach the stylus towards the tablet wasn't perfect, at least there was a method to attach the tool. The Surface Professional 3 ships with Microsoft Windows 8.1, which brings many improvements over Windows 8. For beginners, there's a power button on the very best right of the Start screen forget about swiping in from the Charms menus. We wish, though, that there had been a persistent battery life indicator.

About the desktop, pressing and holding on the Windows button within the lower left brings up a menu where one can more easily access the Control Panel along with other system functions. It's still not nearly as robust since the Start Menu in Windows 7, although; we suggest downloading a free Begin Menu replacement app.

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