Like to Capture Videos? This is How Professional Does It with Android

Written By Unknown on Monday, October 13, 2014 | 10:02 AM

This is the era when news spread fast. Everyone has suddenly become journalist. We share pictures and news, videos and news, and news itself. All information spread very quickly that we can not even have one or two minte to consume and think whether it is fact or gossip only. Yet, not everyone is lucky to have their information published and watched online because the quality is just not right. We sometimes hardly to catch up what was on the news because there are too much noise, unstable images, shaking camera, and many other causes which resulted people to change the channel. If you like to learn how to be a professional journalist who are taping great video to be posted online, here is how you make it with your Android device. Especially when there are many Android devices like Sony Xpreia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, and LG G3 which have 4K video capabilities, surely you need to be well-informed about this.

First, be ensure that your lens is clean from any dirt. It is said that phone is sometimes dirtier than any other stuffs you have. It might be because you are holding it everytime. Thus, you have to always prepare a piece of clean cloth or lens cleaner on you to clean the lens of your phone’s camera.

Next, hold your phone right. How should you do it? One thing: keep it horizontal. Do not change it between horizontal and vertical, for the result might be more confusing than you think. That is just making viewers got sick. It is useful to use a road or building as a straight line to keep it horizontal. Next thing, you need to use your both hands. Just like when you are using real camera, to capture stable video, you have to equip both hands and move slowly from one side to another side.

Third, keep your phone battery fully charged. Shooting 4K video needs a lot of battery life, thus you have got to best prepared by charging it before using. It is also highly recommended if you shoot many videos, bring a removable battery always.

Fourth, be very careful with the microphone. You must know the location of your microphone and keep it uncovered when you shoot a video. You know, when you watch a video without sound, it feels like wasting some precious minutes of your life.

Fifth, be highly educated to know the high contrast areas. Your phone could have problem in balancing between bright area and dark ones. What might happen next is that you will have lights and inky blacks on your video result. Do not move from dark to light areas quickly or vice versa.
Sixth, couldn’t reach the object close enough? Do not ever think to use digital zoom. You just have to walk to get better sight of your object. You have to move slowly so that the result will not make your viewers get sick. With those tips and tricks above, you would be able to be capture great videos later on.
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