HTC Launched RE Camera With CMOS Sensor

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Nowadays, almost everywhere you look, people are using smartphones and tablets to snap pictures and record video of concerts, speeches or even their kids’ football match, and they can instantly share the experiences with friends and family. Meanwhile, at many events, people aren't even looking at the stage; they are watching through their screens. This phenomenon has inspired HTC (which well-known with its android smartphone) to launch a new kind of camera.
On October 9, 2014 HTC has launched Re Camera officially, a digital camera that can be installed on a smartphone with android or iOS operating system. This camera has been designed so uniquely that can take photos and videos more quickly. It’s not like GoPro camera which is addressed for the people those like to do extreme sports. Re camera is provided for people with typical routines.
The camera which costs USD 199.99 has minimalist design. Re camera is completed by a button in front and a button at the back of it. It has a pair of LED indicator lamp. There’s no viewfinder or screen design. Its 16 megapixels sensor is set at the back of ultra wide lens (146 degrees). Re camera is able to record a video 30 frame per second with high definition (HD) quality 1080 pixels. It is also able to be used to make slow motion video 120 frames per second 720 pixels. Re cameras are available with four color options, they are orange, blue, green bluish and white.

It doesn’t look like GoPro camera which has square shape like the others camera, its shape is a little queer. It looks like a periscope. It’ s about 10 centimeters. HTC is betting you won’t mind carrying around an extra device about the size of a small candy bar. You may put in your pocket or a small bag. Re camera is also waterproof. This camera can be put in the water with a meter depth for 30 minutes. HTC has provided some interesting accessories for re camera, such as mounting to set the camera on the bicycle handlebars and special cases to protect the camera in the water.

Re camera doesn’t have on/off button. It would be on automatically when we lift it. If you want to take a photo you only need one quick press on the button and a long press if you want to record a video. The button in front of the camera is able to make a slow motion video. Red LED lamp would wink if the recording is running and it would turn into blue when the camera records a slow motion video.

Re camera can be installed with HTC applications in Android or iPhone to transfer photos and videos. Re camera is completed by 820 mAh battery which makes it possible to record a High Definition video for 100 minutes or to take 1200 photos. Don’t worry about the memory, the device comes with 8 gigabytes of storage and you still can add up to 128 gigabytes more with a microSD card.

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