How to Get More Comfortability in Typing in iPhone 6

Written By Unknown on Friday, October 17, 2014 | 10:09 AM

Have you got your own iPhone 6 now? The specification of the latest iPhone product makes it climb the top list of the most hunted iPhone product.

Using iOS 8 which can be upgraded to iOS 8.0.2, Apple A8 as the chipset, Dual Core 1.4 GHz Cyclone, this one is such a bargain. It also offers great camera, in which you know that Apple has the best camera among its competitors. Its 8 MPcamera with dual LED flash and phase detection autofocus makes your picture-taking moment becomes even better. The camera features include face and smile detection, simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo tagging, touch focus, and HDR (panorama).

When iPhone 6 comes with bigger screen, no one complains with the size of it. Everyone was too excited to grab this new product, trade their old phones and get the latest one. Later, probably it just happened now, they might realize that is has become not fun anymore to operate their phone with only one hand. It simply because the iPhone 6 gets too big now.

Take a deep breath iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users, for this post might bring your understanding to the next level and ease your life with this helpful application. Be grateful that iOS 8 has allowed third-party keyboard so that users can use the application named One Handed Keyboard. I am feeling that the name has given so much information to you, reader. This application offers only a smaller keyboard which sticks to the side of the screen. You can still adjust the color or theme of these keys. Unfortunately, you do not have auto-correct option, so what you type is what you get.
How do you add this custom keyboard to your iPhone 6?

<! adsense --> First, open the One Handed Keyboard. After that, go to the iOS settings. To add new keyboard, the option is in General category, then you choose keyboard. There is a list of your installed custom keyboard. Tap the one you wish and enable the language you would like to use. Next, to switch between keyboars, you should find the globe icon on the keyboard. You can try and jump between one to another keyboard.

Another application for the same purpose as above is Blink Keyboard. It has become easy now to switch between keypads, change the color for the theme, and split the keyboard into two. Different with the previous application, it has predictive word suggestion, but unfortunately, it does not have auto-correct. Unless you can type properly, auto-correct is something you would highly appreciate, especially if you really need to avoid mistakes in typing.

Do you like to type fast? Then, the third application might be beneficial to you. Let me introduce you to Swype, the very first swipe-to-text keyboard which costs below $1 and already offers you text prediction. With Swype, typing and texting fast is no longer a problem for you. Besides that you have to pay, it needs you longer to press a button. But, this application comes with give awesome themes to try.
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