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Welcome back Android lovers… You are so lucky, because Android is different from the other operation systems. Android has capability to give the users privilege to customize its display freely according to the style they wish. Besides, we also can get and download millions of free apps or paid apps in Google Play Store. Here we will give you information about the best free Android Applications that will make your smartphone more enjoyable and give you much new experience.

Photo Editor Apps

Color Booth Pro
Color Booth Pro is an application where the users to change eyes’ color so the result as if they put contact lens on their eyes. You can download it in Google Play, the free one or the paid one. Lab Pro
It is very interesting because it gives the users privilege to express their imagination to the photos by using caricature, animation, e-card and wallpaper.

Camera 360
Camera 360 is getting popular because the users those liking taking pictures and doing selfie really love its features. There are many various kinds of camera effects. This application is simple, so it will not be difficult for the users to use it. We also can choose many beautiful frames and background.

Pics Art
Pics Art in photo editor application which has so many interesting features, like some awesome photo effects, and the users can combine their photos and give wonderful frames. Then, you can add text on the photo you want.

VCSO Cam® is the newest photo application for Android platform. By using this application we can produce photos with wonderful quality. This application is equipped with some features, like photo effects and filter, and we can also share our pictures straightly to social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram and so on. Are you curious? Just download it in Google Play. It’s free!

FotoRus is a new photo application which has a cool display screen like we can see in InstaMag or PIP camera. There is InstaMag that will help you to give photo effect and cool frame. Then, with PIP camera you can edit the picture and set it as profile picture directly. If you want to change the brightness and contrast or add text, you can use Pro Sunting. The last is collage, if you like a classic style you can use this feature. There are many kinds of frames you can choose.

Chatting and Social Network Apps

BBM (Blackberry Messenger)
BBM is an instant messenger application that is very popular, it’s owned by Blackberry Limited. The newest update of this application has supported the use of BBM Voice. BBM is designed to the future telephone product with so many excellence features.

WhatsApp is a communication device which is being a favorite for everyone because it doesn’t spent much internal memory and it has many tools. If you use WhatsApp you can hat with the contacts on your phonebook. You can give profile picture and change it as you like. Moreover, you can update your status every time. You can send voice note, video, photo and even music in only one click.
Instagram is a social media application to share pictures. You can share pictures as you like to the other users. Unfortunately, this application doesn’t have messaging feature, so the users only can share photos. However, the developers are going to equip it with chatting or messaging feature immediately.

Snapchat is an application that becomes popular recently for the smartphone users, including Android users. It resembles to Instagram. Its function is similar, to share pictures more easily to family or friends.
There are still many more great application options that you can enjoy in your Android smartphone. You can find out in the next post. Well, don’t wait too long. Just download your favorite apps and have fun!

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