9 Best Photo Apps For Windows Phone

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Right now, Photo Editor Application is the most popular feature for the smartphone users in order to produce great photos with high artistic value. Not only Android users that can own photo editor application, but windows phone users can also enjoy a lot of photo editor apps. Even,  windows phones usually have camera with better quality than Android.
If you are a windows phone user, check out these best photo editor applications:

Camera 360 WP8
Just like in Android, Camera 360 is the best photo editor application and becomes very popular for now. Camera 360 is also can be installed by Windows Phone users, it’s called Camera 360 WP8. It has photo editor features like Live Effect, Natural Effect, Superior Frame ad Compass.

Nokia Chinemagraph
Nokia Chinemagraph is also one of the best applications for windows phone which offers the feature that can combine photos with animation images. It would produce a live picture like video with 720p format. Chinemagraph is an application to edit GIF pictures which is released for Nokia Lumia. At first, it was only for the smartphone with Windows 8 operating system. But the latest update has been possible for this application to work well in Windows phone 7.5 or 7.8.

Photostatic is a photo editor application which is equipped with art templates, frames and background and it can change a photo display as a mosaic photo or collage with Polaroid strip film frame options. You can add some stickers too. This way, your photos will look more interesting.

Fhotoroom is an application which provides ISO, EV and exposure features by adding unique element on a photo, so the photo will look more interesting and more qualified.

Instagram Beta
Instagram Beta is also one of the best photo editor applications for windows phone. It offers integrity with various social networking services. This application is very suitable for you those like taking pictures or doing selfie. You can make more beautiful pictures by mixing them with any wonderful effects.

Lomogram is a photo application for windows phone with some awesome ability. You can crop in any various aspects, rotate and flip an image. You can also set its light effect, save the result in your phone and even share it to social media you want.

Eyeem comes to give windows phone users some alternative options for social media photography. It is categorized as a smart application because it can show the images based on topic, activity or location. This application is also suggests tag activity and location to us.

Thumba Photo Editor is one of the most complete photo applications. You can find so many tools there. Starting from simple photo editor, filter to unique effects. You need to pay to get this application but there is the trial version available. Although in the trial version you cannot use some features like save image, share image and edit location data (GPS).

Camera Extras
Camera Extras is an additional application for Nokia Lumia after updating Windows Phone Tango. This addition is quite fun because it adds four features on the camera. They are Smart Group Shot, Action Shot, Panorama and Self Timer.

Well, that’s five best photo apps for windows phone which can be downloaded immediately, so you can have fun with the effects and make your pictures look more beautiful and interesting. Otherwise, you will be more confident to share your pictures in the social media that you have. Which application is your favorite?

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