7 Awesome Android Messaging Application

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If you’re like a texting person, you must love to try so many messaging applications from the PlayStore, not knowing which one is good and which one you should avoid from installing. We are all hunger for an application which can make you easy to text and browse or play at the same time with your Android gadget. As you know, the original messaging application has left you no choice when you get text message, it is either you close the application you are using, or read and reply the text later. Worry no more, Android user! Here is a list of useful texting application to simplify your texting habit.
A free Android application which would feel like message terminal. It will place all your messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, or even SMS. You do not have to check in different applications, for they will be merged into Snowball. Within one place, surely you’d be delighted to read and reply your messages right?

This application will pop up a bubble in any screen you are at. This has brought multitasking to a better level. I mean, what is more fun than reading and replying while you keep doing what you are working on? An even better thing is, if you are not ready to reply or only read the text, just drag it out of the way, then the bubble will disappear.

If you are concern with the security of your messages, you might like TextSecure. Yes, we all have that stalker who likes to take a sneak on our messages. All you need to do is register your number, then this application will go protecting all your texts.

Now, if you are too lazy to close down your work only to check the phone, this application will be very handy to you. It is not really a messaging application, but it connects your messaging to the computer so you can directly read and reply the text. It is called MightyText, so powerful to keep your hand off from looking your phone once the notification comes.

Hello SMS
This is like the king of SMS application. All functions of SMS applications can be done with this. So what makes you need to have it on your phone? Well, if you hate the styles of messaging application, it helps your texts to look clean.

Handcent SMS
This will be the SMS application for Android lover. It deals with texts coming and going, plus (you’re gonna love this) you can schedule the time. If you do not like to be bothered with texts during studying or working, just set the time into evening. You can also sign in with Facebook credentials so you will have a look on your Facebook’s contacts profile pictures. Pretty nice, huh?

Last one, if you just love to have wearable gadget like Samsung Gear, LG G Watch R, or Moto 360, you would love Textra SMS. This application is just beautiful as it is and compatible with all wearable gadgets mentioned before. It has quick reply popup, floating notifications, and a bunch of signature and notification types.

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