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What Is Skype?
Skype is a freemium voice over IP service and instant messaging client, currently developed by Microsoft-owned Skype Technologies. The name was derived from "sky" and "peer".
Skype was first released in August 2003 Skype was first released in August 2003. It was created by Janus Friis (Denmark) and Niklas Zennström (Sweden) in cooperation with Ahti Heinla (Estonia), Priit Kasesalu (Estonia), and Jaan Tallinn (Estonia), who supplied the backend which was also used in Kazaa. Skype had 663 million registered users at the end of 2010. It was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion. Microsoft's Skype division headquarters is in Luxembourg, but most of the development team and 44% of the overall employees of the division are still situated in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia. - Wikipedia
here is some feature of Skype
  • Send and Receive Instant Messages
  • Conduct Video Calls
  • Collaborate and share documents
  • Send and Receive Faxes
How To Use Skype?
Simple way to use Skype, first time you must have a Skype account, register your account at if you have a Skype account then download Skype desktop application for your your computer or download Skype for mobile phone.

What Operating System Support?
Windows, Windows Phone 8, OS X, iOS, Linux, Android, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, PSP, PSVita, Xbox One, Fire Phone.

Where Is Download Skype?
Download latest version of Skype here, then choose your operating system.

How To Install Skype for Computer or Mobile Phone?
1. Download the Skype application for your PC, laptop or mobile phone
2. Click on your file download, on Mac you drag and drop Skype icon to Application

on Windows, just follow installation process. On mobile phone, please download from Store your mobile phone.
3. Sign in to your account

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