How to Delete Your Facebook Search History

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 | 8:08 AM

Social networks have grown to be a fundamental element of our online lives, how exactly we stay linked to friends,  and how more folks stay up-to-date on news. Even though you're probably apprehensive about how much private information you share, internet sites learn about you than you imagine.
The Activity Log may appear slightly overwhelming initially with countless entries to scroll through, but Facebook includes a few tools for making things easier.
Click the gear icon in upper right-hand corner of Facebook, and go to the Activity Log. after that, select the "More" button from the left sidebar to show the "Search" option. Click on it to examine your quest history. If you want to erase it, there exists a button within the upper right-hand corner to complete exactly that.
To start, navigate on your Activity Log. This will show you your recent Facebook activity, including photos you commented on, the pages you liked, and searches you performed using Graph Search. Click More from your left-side navigation, then click Search. Your entire search history will load, provided you have not deleted it before.
From here,  If you need to clear everything, click on the Clear Search link at the right top.

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