How to Clear Your Google Play Store Search and Apps History

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 | 12:59 AM

Whatever could be the reason, every once in a while you are likely to clear your research and in addition your apps history from your own Google Play Store accounts. It don’t take enough time for you yourself to create the very sizeable list also it can quickly escape the control. But luckily, there are several tips which, Google helps it be incredibly easy to clear the items out. Because of this below I mentioned the task to do it.
1. Start the Play Store app on your own phone or tablet
2. Slide out the menus from the left hand side
3. Open "Settings"
4. Under "General," tap on "Clear search history"
Which is literally all there will be into it! Clearing out your own list of apps will be a little more included as there isn't the way right now in order to out all your purchased/previously downloaded apps in one go. But it's simple to obtain rid of things a person don't need anymore:
1. In the Play Store app slide out the menus from the remaining and tap "My apps"
2. Next to apps that are not currently installed on your own device you will see a cross in the very best right part of the box.
3. Touch the cross and typically the app goes away.
Clearing out your apps may take some time if you have downloaded quite a bit, but again Google helps it be pretty straight forward to eliminate everything you don't want.
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